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Not just leather jackets, perfecto bikers and vests. We also offer a careful selection of modern furs jackets and coats, made with the best raw materials and paying constant attention to the latest trends in the fashion industry.

Fur garment is a unique and unmistakable garment, designed for the most elegant and refined women. And the models of our Collection combine exceptional manufacturing skills with the quality of 100 % Made in Italy handcrafted creations.

Choose Italian style with fur types for each preference 

The online furs of D’Arienzo Autumn/Winter Collection are designed and packaged by specialized artisans, in our laboratory located in the territory of Solofra. Each raw material is meticulously selected in order to guarantee the highest standards of excellence in the leather goods industry.

And there are many options available, observable in detail on this website: fur of mink, fox, racoon or rex rabbit, designed and created to guarantee to every customer the most suitable garment for the propre needs. In addition, the types vary, we offer both long-haired and short-haired fur models.

Mink furs

Soft and fluid to the touch, mink furs guarantee top quality standards and they are a true cult. If stored with care, they also have an extraordinary duration. The mink is particularly appreciated for its versatility: if dyed, it can give rise to more casual and informal garments.

We offer several alternatives, from more classic colors (such as black, white and grey) to brighter shades: fuchsia, red, blue or pink powder. It also differs the closure, which can be zipped, with buttons or clips. 

Fox fur s

Fox fur is ideal for those who aim to stand out with fashionable garments but at the same time refined ones. It can be short, medium, long and have a hood. Again, colors range from more basic to brighter shades.

Sleeveless furs

The sleeveless fur is a must-have garment that cannot miss in the wardrobe of a fur-lover. Super versatile product, it is perfect for both winter and autumn.

Buy trendy top quality garments for a modern, sporty or more classic look 

D’Arienzo reinterprets the classic concept of fur, providing unique and unmistakable tailoring creations. They are the result of a continuous stylistic research and of course of craftsmanship completely Made in Italy.

It is no coincidence that we offer more classic models, but for example also sports mink furs, more informal and simple ones, perfect to match with a pair of jeans and sneakers.

Unique outfits thanks to black, pink, or spotted fur. An unrepeatable style 

Our garments allow you to create unique and unmistakable looks. The real furs colored, not by chance, are perfect for any preference in style. Pink fur, for example, is ideal for the most elegant and refined outfits. While spotted fur is perfect for the most rocky and gritty ones.


To make the shopping experience so unique is the attention paid to each individual customer. We provide a professional customer care service, able to provide information about each product. On the portal, then, there is also a practical FAQ section, where you will find an immediate answer to the most frequently asked questions.

What kinds of woman furs do they exist? 

There are different types of furs, each with its own characteristics and peculiarities. The mink is the most widespread, but equally famous is that of fox. The chinchilla fur, on the other hand, is a more luxurious and of extreme value.

How do you wash a real fur coat? 

To wash the fur garments, it is always good to contact specialized laundries. Being a very delicate garment is better to rely on professionals, in order not to risk damaging it permanently.

Sale of furs online: how to do in order to buy the correct garment? 

D’Arienzo offers a practical size guide, with detailed advice and instructions on how to take the correct measurements and buy the most suitable garment.

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