Women's Tan Shearling Fingerless...
Women's Tan Shearling Fingerless...
Women's Tan Shearling Fingerless...
Women's Tan Shearling Fingerless...

Tess - Women's Tan Shearling Fingerless Mittens for Women

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  • S-M(7-7,5)
  • Tan
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Women's shearling fingerless mittens, smooth-effect suede sheepskin leather lined wool fur, tan color

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Handcrafted women's gloves made of leather, 100% shearling leather, with selected materials..

The proposed model 'Glove mod. Tess' in 100% genuine leather consists of:

  • raised stitching;
  • Turn-back cuff, palm and thumb;
  • fur shearling lining.

D'ARIENZO's winter gloves in genuine sheepskin are a masterpiece of elegance and artisanal functionality.

Artisanal Craftsmanship

Merino Fur Lining

Inside, a soft and warm wool lining envelops the hands, providing superior thermal insulation. Wool is renowned for its ability to retain heat, keeping hands warm even on the coldest days. Moreover, its natural breathability ensures that hands remain dry and comfortable, avoiding the moisture that can cause discomfort and cold.

Functionality and Design

Designed for daily use and built to withstand harsh winter days, the D'ARIENZO mittens offer a perfect combination of elegance and practicality. The flexible suede allows unparalleled freedom of movement, while the ergonomic design perfectly fits the shape of the hand, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit. Ideal for those always on the go, these mittens are perfect for driving cars and motorcycles, offering a secure grip on the steering wheel or handlebars even on the coldest days.

Comfort Details

Every aspect of the design of D'ARIENZO mittens is studied to offer maximum comfort. The internal seams are soft and almost imperceptible, preventing irritation even after long hours of use. This model has a turn-back cuff for greater comfort and practicality in movement. The D'ARIENZO fingerless mittens in genuine shearling leather are perfect for those who demand the best, the ideal accessory to face winter with elegance and warmth.

Product Details

Genuine Leather
100% Lamb Leather (Shearling)
Color effect
Smooth Monochrome Effect
Fall Winter
Regular Fit
Warning washing
Wash in specialized laundry
Color tone

All leather products branded D’Arienzo are Made in Italy exclusively by D'Arienzo artisan company and they are characterized by stylistic uniqueness and high quality leather. Each of our products is the result of more than 30 years of experience in the field of leather clothing. The leather used is selected from the "Concia di Solofra" district. Any product purchased is covered by a warranty certificate.

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Women's Tan Shearling...

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