Black leather trifold wallet for...
Black leather trifold wallet for...
Black leather trifold wallet for...
Black leather trifold wallet for...
Black leather trifold wallet for...
Black leather trifold wallet for...
Black leather trifold wallet for...
Black leather trifold wallet for...
Black leather trifold wallet for...

Kyle - Black leather trifold wallet for front pocket

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  • Black
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Compact leather unisex wallet, minimalist slim version, soft calf leather smooth effect, black color

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Genuine Leather Wallet, Handcrafted, Made of 100% Calf Leather Full-Grain and Selected Materials.

The proposed model 'Kyle Wallet' in 100% genuine leather with RFID blocking consists of:


  • customized D'ARIENZO snap button closure;
  • 1 external card holder with thumb slide;
  • 1 external coin pocket with snap button closure;
  • D'ARIENZO logo embossed on front and back sides.


  • 1 lined banknote compartment;
  • 6 credi card slots;
  • 1 coin pocket;
  • 1 transparent compartment;
  • D'ARIENZO logo centrally embossed.

Closed Demensions:

  • height - 9 cm;
  • width 7 cm;
  • depth 2 cm;
  • weight 100 g.

Opened Dimentions:

  • height - 9 cm;
  • width 20,5 cm;

The unisex slim minimalist version of the 'Kyle' wallet is not just an accessory but a statement of style and practicality. Made with high-quality calf leather, this wallet represents the perfect blend of elegance and functionality, designed for those who desire a touch of class in every situation.

High-Quality Material

The wallet is made with the finest calf leather, selected for its softness and durability. This high-quality material not only gives a luxurious look but also ensures extraordinary durability, maintaining its charm over time. Every detail is meticulously crafted, reflecting the passion for craftsmanship that distinguishes our brand.

Minimalist and Modern Style

The slim minimalist design of our wallet is intended for those who love simplicity and refinement. The clean lines and slim profile make it a discreet yet sophisticated accessory, perfect for any occasion. This wallet easily adapts to both formal attire and casual looks, adding a touch of class without ever being bulky.

Excellent Functionality

Practicality is at the core of the 'Kyle' wallet's design. Its compact format occupies very little space, ideal for being comfortably stored in any pocket. The real innovation is the visible sliding thumb credit card compartment, allowing quick access to your card without difficulty. This feature makes the wallet extremely convenient for everyday use, speeding up your operations and keeping your essentials safe.

Impeccable Craftsmanship

Each wallet is the result of impeccable craftsmanship. Our artisans dedicate time and attention to every phase of the production process, ensuring that each piece is perfect in every detail. From precise stitching to the leather finish, every element of the 'Kyle' wallet testifies to our dedication to quality and perfection.

Security and RFID Blocking

The 'Kyle' wallet is not only elegant and functional but also offers advanced protection thanks to RFID blocking technology. This essential feature protects your credit cards and vital documents from potential identity theft, blocking RFID signals at 13.56 MHz and above. When the wallet is closed, all your cards are safe from unauthorized scans and data thefts, except for the front slot which will allow you to easily access and scan that card without having to remove it from the wallet or holder. This makes it particularly ideal for frequent travelers or those who frequently use credit cards, ensuring maximum peace of mind in any situation.

A Trusted Brand

Choosing this wallet means relying on a brand that values excellence and design. Our mission is to create accessories that not only meet everyday needs but also elevate the customer experience through elegant and functional products. With the 'Kyle' wallet, you will carry a piece of authentic Italian craftsmanship, a symbol of luxury and refinement. Discover the perfect combination of style, quality, and practicality and make every day an experience of class and convenience, carrying an accessory that reflects your impeccable taste.

Refined Packaging

The 'Kyle' wallet is presented in a rigid white box with the D'Arienzo logo, an elegant packaging that underscores the attention to detail and the artisanal excellence of the brand. This refined packaging makes this wallet an original gift and a clear expression of high quality and craftsmanship.

Product Details

100% Polyester
Genuine Leather
100% Calf leather
Color effect
Smooth Monochrome Effect
Warning washing
Wash in specialized laundry
Color tone

All leather products branded D’Arienzo are Made in Italy exclusively by D'Arienzo artisan company and they are characterized by stylistic uniqueness and high quality leather. Each of our products is the result of more than 30 years of experience in the field of leather clothing. The leather used is selected from the "Concia di Solofra" district. Any product purchased is covered by a warranty certificate.

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Black leather trifold...

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