Black leather bifold wallet compact...
Black leather bifold wallet compact...
Black leather bifold wallet compact...
Black leather bifold wallet compact...
Black leather bifold wallet compact...
Black leather bifold wallet compact...
Black leather bifold wallet compact...

Malik - Black leather bifold wallet compact with carbon design

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Classic unisex leather wallet, compact version, soft calf leather with Carbon design, black color


Genuine leather wallet, artisanal craftsmanship, made of 100% calf leather and selected materials.

The proposed model 'Malik Wallet' in 100% genuine leather with RFID blocking consists of:


  • Customized D'Arienzo stud;


  • 2 lined compartments for banknotes;
  • 8 credit card slots;
  • 1 transparent compartment;
  • 4 document compartments;
  • 1 coin pocket;
  • Cardholder flap;
  • D'ARIENZO logo embossed.

Closed Dimentions:

  • height 13 cm;
  • width 10 cm;
  • depth 72cm;
  • weight 150 g.

Opened Dimentions:

  • height 13 cm;
  • width 26,5 cm;

Compact Elegance

D'Arienzo's classic 'Malik' wallet is the perfect combination of style, functionality, and high-quality craftsmanship. Unisex and foldable, this compact accessory is made of genuine leather with a carbon design, a material that guarantees durability and contemporary aesthetics. Ideal for every situation, from daily life to work meetings, to leisure time, the 'Malik' wallet elegantly adapts to every context.

High-Quality Material and Style

The 'Malik' is made of high-quality leather with an exclusive carbon design that gives it a modern and sophisticated look. The distinctive texture of the leather, combined with meticulous finishing, creates a luxury accessory that expresses elegance and style in every detail. The choice of material not only ensures long-lasting durability but also provides a pleasant tactile sensation, making this wallet a pleasure to use.

Functionality and Perfect Organization

Despite its compact design, the 'Malik' wallet offers optimal internal organization. It features compartments for banknotes, dedicated spaces for credit cards, a document flap, pockets for receipts and business cards, and a practical coin pocket. Each section is designed to keep your personal effects in order and easily accessible, making it an indispensable accessory for everyday life.

Artisanal Perfection and D'Arienzo Brand

The D'Arienzo brand is synonymous with artisanal perfection and tradition. Each 'Malik' wallet is the result of meticulous craftsmanship, combining traditional techniques and innovative design. The D'Arienzo brand is a guarantee of quality and sophistication, internationally recognized for its luxury products and high fashion.

Security and RFID Blocking

The 'Malik' wallet is equipped with RFID-blocking technology, a fundamental feature to protect your credit cards and documents from unauthorized access. This advanced technology ensures that your personal information is safe, offering you extra peace of mind in every situation.

Quality Guarantee

D'Arienzo's classic 'Malik' wallet is the perfect choice for those looking for an accessory that combines style, functionality, and security. Perfect for every occasion, from daily life to professional meetings, the 'Malik' not only meets practical needs but also elevates your personal style. Choose our wallet to have everything you need always at hand, with the security of RFID protection and the quality guarantee of the D'Arienzo brand.

Refined Packaging

The 'Malik' wallet is presented in refined packaging, with a white box embellished with the silver D'ARIENZO logo. This elegant packaging makes the 'Malik' the ideal gift for those who appreciate elegance and artisanal quality. .

Product Details

100% Polyester
Genuine Leather
100% Calf leather
Color effect
Smooth Monochrome Effect
Warning washing
Wash in specialized laundry
Color tone

All leather products branded D’Arienzo are Made in Italy exclusively by D'Arienzo artisan company and they are characterized by stylistic uniqueness and high quality leather. Each of our products is the result of more than 30 years of experience in the field of leather clothing. The leather used is selected from the "Concia di Solofra" district. Any product purchased is covered by a warranty certificate.

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Black leather bifold wallet...

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