Leather cleaning and conditioning kit
Leather cleaning and conditioning kit
Leather cleaning and conditioning kit

Leather Carekit - Leather cleaning and conditioning kit

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Cleaning and conditiong set for products in 100% smooth genuine leather


Leather garments cleaning and conditioning Set for leather garments made with 100% genuine leather. The set is produced 100% Made in Italy.

The set proposed by D'Arienzo has been designed with the aim to offer to its customers an immediate solution for the conditioning of the genuine leather jackets.

This leather cleaning set is composed by:

  • 1 bottle of spray dispensing shampoo;
  • 1 bottle of delicate nourishing cream;
  • 1 brush with narural soft bristles;
  • 1 cotton cloth.

Use the Set regularly as per instructions below and your garments will remain beautiful for a long time.


Brush the leather garments gently with the brush (do not worry if the tooth, which is made of natural hair, will lose some hair at first), focusing mainly around the seams and in all those places where the dust can settle.

Once the dust has been removed, spray the Shampoo by keeping it at a distance of 15cm where you may notice stains or dirt, then wipe vigorously with the cotton cloth until the stains disappear or fade.

Let a few minutes pass and apply the Nourishing Cream on the cloth with which you will grease and polish the entire garment which can be worn again at least two hours after the treatment.

P.S. We advise you to test the products in an invisible corner before using them. For persistent stains, obvious color losses, etc. we fully recommend to rely on specialized laundries.

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