ArteOlfatto Vanesya
ArteOlfatto Vanesya

ArteOlfatto Vanesya

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Vanesya is a fragrance dedicated to women and their power of inspiration. A unique bouquet blending musk, osmanthus, orange, vanilla, peach and rose. The golds that characterize it suggest exotic beaches, orchards and delicate orchards. Vanesya's sillage is a real olfactory journey

Product Details

Head Notes
Narciso, Mandarino, Mango.
Heart Notes
Peonia, Osmanto, Rosa, Pepe Rosa.
Base Notes
Patchouly, Muschio Bianco, Semi di Ambretta.

All leather products branded D’Arienzo are Made in Italy exclusively by D'Arienzo artisan company and they are characterized by stylistic uniqueness and high quality leather. Each of our products is the result of more than 30 years of experience in the field of leather clothing. The leather used is selected from the "Concia di Solofra" district. Any product purchased is covered by a warranty certificate.

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ArteOlfatto Vanesya

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